Crystal Thoughts – Product and Vendor Focus

August 15, 2016

As the owner of GiftsForYou.Biz, the following is an outline showing, in my own experience, why product focus is not only a good thing, but nearly essential, especially for small businesses where vendors can be volatile.When I began promoting products on the web in July 2002, I thought I would be the rare exception to the rule in that I did not feel I had to specialize in any one type of product. I signed up for a service that offered over 2,000 products, and my web development savvy and I set out to promote them all. And I did. I even created a way to check inventory on all these products. A system setup so well, others members paid a small fee for semi-weekly inventory lists. But alas, not only did my inventory system fall into the wind due to vendor policies, but the entire vendor fell into a tornado due to various negative factors. Luckily for me, I had already found two other vendors that I was able to lean on while breaking away from my initial vendor and all their calamities.What is read here is, lucky for me I learned to focus on a particular product line. I took the time to figure out what I would like to represent, did some research on whether there was a market for it, and began my search for vendors selling such a product line. I got somewhat lucky in that the two vendors I did find, I found without having many requirements. They drop-shipped using my company name, so I signed up. Now down from 3 vendors to 2, it wasn’t until one of those two remaining vendors actually went out of business, did I find myself trying to find another one to fill the void. I had already optimized and promoted that particular product catalog for a few years, so it was getting good traffic, and I really didn’t want to lose that. But I found that finding a vendor wasn’t as easy as it seemed to be when I first set out. Still not wanting to lose the web work I had put into my out-of-business vendor’s product line, I left the catalog open and let my human visitors know that the search for a new vendor was underway (and that can be somewhat tricky, because you don’t want your customers thinking you are going out of business too).

After that, the requirements I formed for inquiring about potential vendors led itself to quite a little list. Fortunately, I was able to find vendors that matched my criteria. Although, finding them didn’t come without time consuming research and communication. The good ones though – they are typically quite friendly, somewhat responsive, and fairly informative/liberal with their responses to your questions. There is a key however, to inquiring on whether a company meets your criteria. If you ask too many questions, the vendor most likely, as many people will do, put it on their list of things to do because they know it’ll take 15-30 minutes to reply. If you ask too few questions, you could end up bugging the living daylight out of them, only to find out 3 e-mails later that they’re missing an essential factor.What’s my list of criteria for GiftsForYou.Biz? If “is it plugged in” is the first question for malfunctioning equipment, the first question for determining if a vendor is right for your business should have already been taken care of in your search: Do they provide the products you specialize in? In the case of GiftsForYou.Biz, that would be crystal. The second question is whether or not they drop-ship? Although storing inventory isn’t an issue for me, going to the Post Office or UPS (or even having them pick up) isn’t practical. So, I need for my vendor to be able to ship the product for me. The third question then falls into place with drop-shipping in whether they will ship using my company name. Other questions after those then fall in to more business policy type questions. For instance, which shipping methods do they use, what is their standard delivery time frames, do they ship internationally, do they ship to Canada, what type of shipping costs do they use, and what is their ordering process? What are their rush shipping options, or do they even provide rush shipping? What are their return and damaged product policies? Other questions might include how I might know when products are out of stock? How do they handle bulk orders? Do they provide note/gift cards or gift wrapping?Some of the questions you might ask, and even perhaps all the questions you ask might be clearly outlined on their site, I have found it’s still better to ask, if for the very least to establish communication prior to signing up (which sometimes you can’t avoid). Typically I will even pay for one or more small items (after establishing their usability) to get a feel for their product quality. In dealing with drop-shippers, your company reputation is largely in your vendor’s hands. Although you will maintain communication with your customers, a lot of times your communication is based on the information you get from your vendor. If they’re unresponsive, you will find yourself stringing your customer along, thus losing their trust. That then leads to a downhill trend and the potential failure of all your hard-earned work.

Focusing on a specific product line will not only help to narrow your search for vendors, it will also help in your marketing efforts as well. You may find that if you carry more than one product line, you don’t really fit well when being “categorized” in and around the web. In addition, should your multi-product line vendor, for whatever reason, become unusable, you will find that finding a replacement vendor a bit easier for one product line, than finding a vendor that covers all the product lines you were promoting. Not to mention, these multi-product line companies, the good ones anyway, are few and far between. And we’ll save product saturation for another discussion.Finding and choosing a good product line, along with finding and choosing a good vendor, are both as important as finding and choosing your web host, payment processor, online catalog, shopping cart, and other technological aspects of starting your online business. Information on these topics are covered more in my “Web Site Promotion Tips” article located at: D Commiskeyhttp://kdcinfo.com – Crystal Figurines – Crystal Gifts

Canadian Web Hosting

August 13, 2016

The Internet is a different medium from others like print and TV, which allow limited participation for users and no empowerment at all. The Internet allows any individual to broadcast his or her opinion and conduct transactions with another entity. A website is a page stored in a drive that can be accessed through the Internet. An individual or entity can use one’s own dedicated website or use other sites for promotion.Web hosting is a term that describes a process in which a company rents space in its drive to host the web pages of its clients. The dotcom burst was preceded by a mad rush to start websites for any sort of business without strong fundamentals. The dotcom v.2 has matured with the upgrade of user-friendly technology and e-commerce. This is illustrated by the number of registrations in Canada after 2002.

The Canadian web hosting market is dominated by number of players providing a host of services such as domain name registration, disk space, and bandwidth. Besides, they provide email accounts, data transfer, mySQL database, and other applications. The web hosts could be parent hosts, resellers, free hosts, and cheap hosts.To host a site, the companies charge fees starting at $5 CAD/month and domains for $10 CAD/year. The services usually come in plans with many features. The services include support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, reliability features as a money-back guarantee, and guaranteed uptime.A web hosting service is to be decided based on the purpose of website. A website for individual purpose may not certain e-commerce features; businesses may need multiple email accounts, and risk-management services such as spam, virus protection, and data backup.

A good host can be decided by the speed of other customers’ websites and the number of complaints vs. benefits. Although it is cheap to host from anywhere, it is better to have a host server from the region where the customers are located so that the there are no delays in downloads and page visits.

What Are Best Business Web Hosting Services? Top Solutions, Providers, Packages, Plans

August 13, 2016

Are you looking for a reliable web hosting company to get your business website online? If so, you should know that besides the common features which all web hosting services provide for their customers, a business web host must offer two additional important features. These two features are mentioned below:Shopping cart: With Shopping Cart, you can accept PayPal┬« and credit cards via your site. This software allows online shopping customers to place items in the cart.SSL Certificate: People are getting smart about online security. Today most of them are looking for the padlock icon and “https” prefix in the address bar of their browser before submitting personal information online. An SSL Certificate helps your customers do their online transactions under a secure service. If your Web site doesn’t have an SSL Certificate, visitors may leave before making a purchase or creating an account.

Take into consideration that web hosting is a global service. It does not matter what country you are located in; US, UK, Canada, Australia or India. It is good to note that the cost of hosting services in most countries is generally a little more expensive in comparison to the same services in Canada and the United States. Specifically, American web hosts offer a much better value for money than any local hosting.First try to choose a reliable business web hosting provider which is uptime. Hosting uptime refers to the percentage of time the host is accessible via the internet. It is very important your service be uptime (functioning and available for use). It means you can access your account whenever you want to update your web pages, and customers can enter your website whenever they refer to your site address. If your hosting service is not uptime it can be catastrophic!There are many websites which display a couple of companies as the best business web hosting providers and leave people confused without being helpful. To make things even more confusing, some hosting companies are cheating and lying to their customers! is a reliable website to help you have the best choice. Their experts have been evaluating business web hosting service providers for years, and now they provide you with the most reliable results. There you can reach the three reputable companies that are leaders in the E-commerce web hosting industry. They fulfill all your requirements to sell online or do any online transaction via your website. By using each of them, everything you need for your business website is provided in one eCommerce Hosting Package.

How to Choose Web Domain Names

August 11, 2016

A domain name is also known as URL. The term URL also pronounced as “earl” stands for uniform resource identifier, the identifier for each website. There is an old expression from real estate business! A real property is valuable because of “location, location, location.” On the Internet, it is URL, a piece of real estate on the World Wide Web. Your first two steps are to name and then purchase, the URL for your new Affiliate Website. When selecting your domain name, selecting the correct one is vital. You must choose the best Domain Name. You will find an address for your affiliate marketing website that fits the idea and can easily be remembered and typed. Finding a correct domain name is decisive to your business , and your life will be simpler if you make a good choice from the beginning.Finding Web Domain Names: When selecting your web domain names, selecting the correct one is vital. Keep in mind that you are going to secure your own valuable piece of Internet real estate, so select a domain name wisely. Many different extensions like “.com”, “.org”, “.net”, and the country extensions such as “.us (United States)”, “.ca (Canada)”, “.uk (United Kingdom)”, and others are available on the internet. Among the newest extensions available are “.ws” and “.name”. The “.org” extension is usually used by nonprofit organizations, and “.gov” is reserved for government-related websites in the United States.

Although “.com” extensions are the most common today, so many “.com” names have now been claimed that new website owners are expanding their horizons. For example, I myself have reserved web domain names with “.ws” extension i.e. [] The advantage of “.ws” extension is that you can find a domain name that is otherwise unavailable with “.com” extension. And the best part is that you earn residual income for holding a domain name with a “.ws” extension. So, why only your website should make money for you? Why not domain name too! Check out how you too, like thousand others, can earn money for holding a domain name by following above link.Choosing the Best Domain Name: O.K., your next step is a crucial one. You have to choose the best Domain Name. You will find an online address for your affiliate marketing website that fits the idea and can easily be remembered and typed. You need a great domain name. People often skip this step out of haste or frustration. While choosing between different web domain names your best bet is to choose the one that includes one of your most profitable keywords for higher relevancy. The engines will rank your site higher for your keyword if it’s included in your domain name. Considering this most important criterion, don’t settle for a domain name with outsized disadvantages. Select web domain names that are easily pronounceable, spellable and memorable. Yes, your web domain name should have all above characteristics.

Once you have chosen your website name, the next step is to purchase your URL. There are a number of companies selling URLs, but I would not advise you to buy and host your URL from two different places. You should buy and host URL from the same company as it is much convenient and cost efficient. Depending on the subject matter of your new business, you can try brilliant name after clever name, only to discover that someone has already reserved them. If your ideal domain name is not available with “.com” extension, go check with “.ws” extension. You may still be in luck and find your most ideal domain name with “.ws” extension.If you cannot come up with the right domain name, you may want to try domain name generator at With nearly three million domains, Dotster, Inc. is one of the world’s largest ICANN-accredited domain name registrars. Launched in 2000, Dotster was among the first to offer discounted pricing.